My Approach and Pricing

Hello! In our age of digital overload, where photography is accessible to everyone, I think now more than ever, we need thoughtful photos that reflect who we are, our individuality, our unique self, and our relationships to hold on to in a fast-paced world. As a photographer, my aim in a lifestyle or portraiture session is to capture unique and evocative images that will last a lifetime and be passed down to those you love. I take the time to get to know my clients. It is vital to make a shoot enjoyable and relaxed in a place where you are comfortable and yourself. I believe this is what makes the end product a success. Think of me as the tool or the driver that makes your visions come to life. I believe successful people photography needs to be teamwork, and the more we collaborate and work together, the more this will reflect your individuality. Careful planning of location and clothing contributes to an image’s unique character. Before a shoot, I also share with clients a PDF file with helpful suggestions and locations to consider.

I will work to create for you, beautiful images both during the shoot and post-production. My end goal is to provide you with something special for you to treasure and hold. Instead of offering portrait packages, I have an essential collection, IN A DAY, starting at $300, which means a 1 to 2-hour on-location shoot, post-production fine-tuning, and high-resolution digital JPEG images. 

I also offer storybook albums and prints to hang on the wall or cards for sharing for you to have something tangible and memorable to hold in your hands. A book you can pick up and reminiscence over “those were the days” snuggled together on the sofa! A book and prints you can pass on to your children, and for them to show their children in turn. If you decide to invest, a $100 credit from the already paid $300 will go towards this investment. Also included is a sit-down or online ordering session with me where I help you with selecting the images and find a collection that works for you. I know you are busy, and making a beautiful quality album takes a lot of time. Who wants an album in which half of the image will crop to fit the automatic pre-sized albums offered in the mainstream photo service market? When you have a professional photography session, your storybook and prints should match the digital versions. A beautiful photograph is an art, after all! 

In the end, you will have a set of photographs that will tell a story of you. I will work hard to create images that hold their own, that you would want to hang on the wall as a piece of art to cherish. It is your legacy.



Every corporate and commercial job needs to be quoted separately but will have a starting rate based on the above private lifestyle and portrait contracts. If you would like to get in touch for an informal chat or would like more information, please send me an email at my contact details below. 


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