Summer Photo Journey in Norway – Part 1

Summer is raspberries growing wild ready for the picking. Summer is late evening bike rides when the sun is still awake, and it is past a child’s bedtime. For my son, it is magical! Summer is leisurely midnight sun walks among birch and rowans when time loses its meaning. It is boat rides and long dips in lakes. It is backpacking in the high mountains the simple way sleeping in a tent among Rosebay Willowherbs and grazing cows brought up to summer pasture.

Most importantly, summer in Norway is visiting family and friends. As on any journey, long or short, I bring a camera. This time I decide to bring both my Fujifilm XT-3 and the x100f. I leave the full-frame SLR’s behind. They have become my constant on the go cameras.

How does one even begin to capture the feel and that particular freshness in the air? The light always seems to escape me. I am also limited in my journey to focus and wait for the sun entirely. I am sure a lot of those of you who enjoy photography either as enthusiasts or professionals on vacation recognize that patience is not the strongest attribute of those accompanying you! Nature photography is, in many instances, captured best alone. It is conflicting to me as I enjoy people and nature photography equally. I want their enthusiasm to be as strong as my own. I also have a proportional amount of photos of my son. He always accompanies me. As a result, that abundance is pictured depicting fake smiles, strange gimmicks, and tough act faces that young boys love to make, and especially when it is “enough with that camera already.” Despite those smiles, it does capture so rightfully the essence of who he is at this moment in life, and I would not want to lose it!

There are a time and place for everything. I am grudgingly respecting this and reluctantly keep my camera tucked away out of respect for those around me. I set my mind to enjoy the beauty surrounding me, creating vivid memories. Does that make me less of a photographer? I don’t think so.

Below is a collection of some of my photos taken this summer at home when the time and place felt right.




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