Photographing the Harvest – A Community Gardens Simple Pleasures

Early spring, we decided to join our local community garden. We had wanted to garden for many years, but our property is all forest with vegetable and flower-loving deer and numerous small animals. Also, what better way to join a community garden where there are folks who know what they are doing? It is an excellent opportunity for learning and failing, but also knowing that next season, there will be another opportunity to do better. It is a load of fun, and of course, hard work, but seeing our plants grow and bloom into vegetables is a very satisfying and earthy feeling. I thought tilling and turning the dirt in the spring was hard, but weeding is back-breaking labor! Despite that, my mind wanders when I am there, and time passes too quickly. It is peaceful and can also be social with our surrounding neighbor gardeners. People of all ages and backgrounds gather in the garden. The distinct commonality is the wish to know where our vegetables are coming from in this all-organic garden. It is as simple as that.

Here is a sampling of photos from this garden season that is now coming to an end. We have tilled our plot, and only some few vegetables remain to look forlorn. I wish I had taken the opportunity to focus more on photographing, but my time there was spent working. I shot all the images either with my Fujifilm XT-3 or the Fujifilm x100f. Next season, I would like to focus more on my photography and including some of the folks there too. It is a beautiful place full of exciting people.

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