A Different Kind of Summer

A Mossy Glen Adventure

What a strange, surreal summer it has been. I don’t know how else to put it. It is a new world, and how we navigate its way can testify to that. It is astonishing how life and even how we view the world can change this quickly. Social distancing, masks, sometimes mask, no mask cover, and “oh, you are too close,” and all the awkward moments. All of a sudden, we have a new “normal.” A normal that is in tandem with a social upheaval to boot. As usual, we humans do what we are best at, and we adapt and find ways to even thrive within this new normal.

This summer, we stayed put in the Hudson Valley, waiting for safer times to travel. It has been hot and what felt like a long summer. Still, multiple dips in the pool at home and summer outings involving some more water made it a real summer despite it all. Friends have played an essential part in making it right. I don’t know what we would have done without them. I am incredibly grateful to have so many good supportive and fun people in my life. They are our family away from family.

Hudson Valley is known for its many vibrant communities with numerous festivals and county fairs, which it sorely lacked this year. Still, the nature around us is beautiful, and we could not ask for more. With fall upon us, we have now entered the apple season. It is not for nothing that New York is called the big apple. Upstate is apple farm galore, and Hudson Valley is renowned for its orchards. Apple picking is a big tradition here. I even have a family shoot in one of the orchards coming up this fall.
I am looking forward to shooting in a beautiful setting.

I am sharing a few glimpses of our upstate summer here.

Early summer
A secret swimming hole
Playing with the boys by a stream in New Paltz was a constant this summer. They built a lot of fortresses and teepees. I love all the creativity this summer.


Milkweed, the Monarch butterflies dream!
In my home garden
At the mulberry tree
Some innovative climbing is required when the branches are too high!
Evening walk after the rains stopped
Pool play
Chalk art by the pool
Obsessed with all things Roman legion
They were jumping high!
Looking up from the ice caves on the rail trail in Rosendale
Another constant this summer – Legos!
There is no summer without some fishing!
Wild camping with my son. Look out for an upcoming story on the theme of wild camping in the fall!
Ice cream stop in New Paltz
Boys and their vehicles
Building fairy homes by the fairy tree
There is nothing like a school friend!
Yes, it is me and my camera
These boys were playing hard all summer long!
Mom to the rescue!
Dreamy Mossy!
Dreams of yesteryear
Labor Day Weekend. The last portrait to mark the end of summer and school start


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