Awesome Stewart

On the Lange Farm Trail

The discovery of Stewart State Forest Park was a late bloomer for me. Years ago, I briefly stepped foot in it, but it was October and hunting season. I pulled up next to a guy who slung his rifle on his back and started walking into the forest. I always gravitate to the mountains further to the west and north, and I did not seek it out again until 2020 happened.

A friend told me about all the trails, and with the COVID 19 restrictions and the lure of biking, I went to check it out. Within, to my amazement, I discovered a haven of trails to explore in this expansive 6,700 acres size park. I am still exploring countless trails there with my family and friends. It is a unique park with a fantastic diversity of wetlands, fields, and forests, and the animals within ranges from bobcats and wild turkeys to salamanders and turtles. It is becoming rare even for Hudson Valley.

I appreciate the inventiveness of the trail names, such as Cactus, Fiesta, or Pine Roots, to name a few! It makes exploring and trying out new trails exciting for children when we try to guess their names! On some of these bike rides, I brought what has become my to go camera, the Fujifilm x100f. I only wish I had brought it with me more often. I love this camera for its small size, and I will continue to shoot once the hunting season passes. The only regret is missing the fall foliage at its peak with hunting season. 

Does anyone remember this old model? We stumbled upon this rusty old Fiesta sitting beside the Fiesta trail!
Fiesta is not a siesta, but a roller coaster of a trail!
We spotted these ant villages on, say no more, the Ant Hill trail!
We spend a lot of time out in nature, and although I grew up with ant hills looking similar to these in Norway, this is the first time I have spotted above ground ant homes here, and it was a surprise.
Goofing around with a buddy during a short stop overlooking one of the many meadows within the park.
A peaceful moment
In the field
Cruising along on Meadow Lane trail among the wildflowers.
Driftwood is all that separates this big swamp from streaming out over the bike trail.
On the Great Swamp Boardwalk
A trailside break
At the top of Cactus Trail where it intersects with many others. A small stand, probably planted, testifies to the name.
Mother and daughter enjoying the view of this serene pond


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