Adirondack Mountains Annual Camping Trip

We did things a bit differently on this year’s canoe and camping trip in the Adirondacks. We brought our feline named Forest. He is mostly white with some black markings in the face and two funny black spots on one side, which reminds me of the trademarks cows have. He should probably have been named Snow, but Forest suits him.

We hit the Adirondacks in a steady downpour, and we think about how we are going to get to our campsite with our gear. Our cat, though, is safely tucked inside his carriage while we head out to the island spot we have managed to get. He is not happy about the unceasing downpour and is also unnerved by the water and the boat. It is his first time away from his home, and in uncharted territory. It is a small island with only one assigned camping spot, and Forest is free to roam it at will. The rain more or less ceases once we are there, and the most magnificent double rainbow appears. It spans from one side of the lake and ends on the other. I have never experienced such a rainbow to behold. To my utter dismay, I have left my camera in the car, thinking of all the plausible things that could happen to it in that kind of weather. All I have is my iPhone with a partially cracked lens from a recent mishap, which distorts the photos.

Still, it is the most amazing rainbow I have seen, and I am sharing the less than perfect quality images below. The next day, on a windy but sunny, I was able to paddle back and pick up my cameras. Over the next few days, Forest and our son explored all the nook and crevices on the island, and we enjoyed our trip immensely.

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